Our Business Below the Surface
Our Business Below the Surface

Deeply Dedicated

With a team of highly skilled project managers, professional diver-tradesmen, and support
personnel, we have the agility to achieve results in the most challenging environments, 24 hours a
day, 365 days a year. We specialize in new construction, inspections, maintenance, repairs, salvage,
and surveys on everything underwater.

From our centrally located headquarters in Winnipeg, a 24/7 multi-modal transportation hub, we
can offer rapid response and competitive service throughout a vast geographic area from Northern
Quebec to British Columbia, and the Canadian Arctic.

We are committed to providing the highest quality services while maintaining the strictest safety
regime and utmost consideration of the environment. We are committed to innovation and have
developed systems and processes that go beyond the traditional approaches, creating efficiencies
that ensure projects are completed in the most cost-effective and timely matter.

Dedication + Innovation + Experience = Problem Solved

Specialized Marine Services

Marine Construction Marine Construction

Deep diving into complex situations is our strength. Projects include aqueducts, bridges, dams, fish exclusion systems and water treatment facilities.

Maintenance & Repairs Maintenance & Repairs

We provide a gamut of repairs ranging from dredging, exothermic cutting, and fabrication to hull cleaning, pipe protection, and zebra mussel removal.

Underwater Inspections Underwater Inspections

Our technical dive team, utilizing inspection-class ROVs when needed, deliver thorough inspections with quality reporting expected by professional engineers.

Sonar Surveys Sonar Surveys

Using sonar imaging such as 2D imaging, 3D point cloud data and bathymetry, our technicians can deliver high-quality imagery, measurements, and mapping of anything underwater.

Salvage and Recovery Salvage and Recovery

With winches, lift bags, and ingenuity we have the resources and know-how to safely recover everything from pipes and pumps to barges and aircraft.

Waterway Barriers Waterway Barriers

From installing HDPE floats to custom fabrication of steel buoy and pontoon systems, we provide turn-key solutions for an array of waterway barrier projects.

Water Intake & Marine Pipe Installations Water Intake & Marine Pipe Installations

We manufacture high-quality bolt-on ballast weights and can supply, fuse, and install all sizes of HDPE Pipe, as well as supply and install intake and outfall structures.