Salvage & Recovery
Salvage & Recovery

We Have the Resources to Meet Any Salvage Challenge

What goes up, unfortunately, may also go down, and sadly sometimes with the potential for collateral damage to the aquatic environment. When the unexpected happens, Dominion Divers’ experienced salvors are ready to respond rapidly with a wide range of specialized salvage and recovery equipment to meet the challenges of any circumstance, and to minimize further loss and damage to the asset, while ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

The process of recovering a vessel, aircraft, vehicle or piece of heavy equipment may require the use of different types of equipment and techniques. This may include towing, applying temporary patches, pumping, re-floating with inflatable lift bags, or hoisting the asset with a crane or derrick barge, to name a few examples. Sometimes a completely different approach may be required especially if the loss has occurred in a remote area with limited access.

We are deeply committed to protecting the environment during our salvage operations. Our project planning involves spill control, containment, and disposal to mitigate impact to the environment.

Salvage & Recovery Services

  • Aircraft
  • Barges
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Marine Vessels
  • Vehicles

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