Water Intake & Marine Pipe Installations
Water Intake & Marine Pipe Installations

Complete Services from Manufacturing to Installation

Dominion Divers has the experience and capability to supply, fuse, and install all sizes of HDPE pipe, supply and install intake and outfall structures, and can install weights and position pipelines during open water season or working from the ice in winter.

Water Intake Structures

Water intake valve waiting to be installed.

We have been supplying raw water intake structures to meet the requirements of communities and industries across the Prairies and Northwestern Ontario since the 1960’s. Our intake and outfall structures are installed by our technical dive teams and provide treatment plants across the country with Canada’s most precious resource, the world’s best drinking water!

Water intake valve waiting to be installed.

These intake and outfall structures are comprised of a pre-manufactured screen (acquired from speciality fabricators) and support structures designed by engineers or can be designed and constructed by our in-house team.

Pipe Weights

Since 1975, we have been manufacturing premium, pre-cast, bolt-on ballast weights for river and lake intake pipes, discharge pipes, and river crossings across western Canada. Our weights are manufactured to the highest industry standard using a minimum 30 MPa, Type HS concrete and are reinforced with minimum 10M rebar.

Intake pipe weight example.

Engineered forms guarantee a consistent weight and a perfect fit every time. Sizes range from 50mm and up for correct buoyancy in any condition. Heavier weights come complete with lifting lugs. All weights come complete with a red rubber gasket and 304 stainless steel bolts, nuts, and washers. We maintain stock in the more common sizes.

Our pipe weights can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the United States. Due to our centrally located manufacturing plant, we offer competitive freight rates. Contact us today for your concrete pipe weight requirements!

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